Self-Love Journal

Self-Love Journal




Nowadays, we are constantly being reminded to "take care of yourself."


But how often does our "self-love" put us even further out of touch with our soul, spirit, and body?


Bypassing often looks a whole lot like self-love. Bypassing means we are essentially numbing ourselves to get through whatever it is we are struggling with.


I've learned that your pain, your dis-ease, are Love Notes from your body. It's your body's way of saying, "Hey, this isn't working. We need to do things differently."


A practice I've been doing recently is to meditate, listen to my body, and then write down whatever messages were transmitted to me during my meditation. They sometimes come in the form of doodles, mantras, long lengthy stories, song lyrics, poems, or sometimes just a single word.


My intention behind creating these journals is that we start on this healing journey of Self-Love. Together.


  • Notebook Details

    100% Recyclable.

    Cover stock is 100% Recyled and made with Renewable Energy.

    Portion of purchase donated to Mama Earth.

    Cover Color: Kraft Brown

    Size: 5 x 8 inches

    Pages: 20 Sheets/40 Pages

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